garage sale decorating

Often the most interesting rooms come together out of the imaginative use of items purchased at garage sales.

The goal in garage sale decorating is not what you might think…. to furnish a room on a budget.  Although that certainly is a huge benefit, the main purpose is to create a room displaying an interesting mix of items and sometimes using them in a way which is different than their original intended use. Decorating in this manner makes a room more interesting by showcasing items given character by their imperfection due to daily use.

The dings and scars that caused someone to get rid of an item is exactly the thing that creates the timeless, casual, thrown together atmosphere that makes a room feel comfortable, warm, and useable. It becomes much more personal than just picking out a room displayed on a showroom floor and then adding items that ”go” together. Often, although well coordinated, this type of decorating makes a room cold and uncomfortable feeling. The goal in garage sale decorating is to make a room one which is interesting and beautiful but lived in. Not one that feels it is only to be looked at.

Garage sale decorating is more of a process than just picking out a room of furniture and adding matching accessories. It takes time and thought and planning.  As a result, the room becomes a collection of diverse items that personally reflect its owner’s personality. It is an adventure which results in a collection of meaningful mementos. Getting up early to hit the sales to find that perfect item for your room is exciting. It makes you want to jump out of bed and get moving. I compare it to going on a treasure hunt. And when you find that item that you absolutely love and fits perfectly into your plan it is so gratifying! Especially knowing how little it cost! I have found myself sitting and staring at my great finds for hours after I place them in my room.

Garage sale decorating also requires you to think outside of the box and get your creative juices flowing. Looking for items that can be used in your room outside of their traditional use causes you to start seeing things from a new perspective. The more you begin this process the more creative you will find yourself becoming in every aspect of your life!

Getting past the, “everything has to match perfectly” and “every item needs to be in perfect shape” mentality will help you create a room that is evolving; a room that can change as easily as your mood. Who you are, your heart and soul will be reflected instead of an accumulation of items that match perfectly and make a pretty room but have no personal meaning to you.

Your home is to enjoy and be treasured. Perhaps like me, you will find what reflects you best is in your neighbors trash!

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