7 Advantages to Raised-Bed Gardening

by admin

Creating a food-producing vegetable garden can be, with a little planning, not only enjoyable but very rewarding.

Here are 7 advantages to creating raised beds for food production in your own backyard:

  • They look better because the area is more orderly and defined
  • Soil conditions and can be better controlled
  • Water, fertilizer and compost can be more accurately applied
  • They drain more efficiently
  • You do not have to step in the garden thereby reducing soil compaction providing for healthier plants as their roots need loose soil and air to flourish
  • Plants can be spaced a little closer together increasing productivity per square foot of garden area (some claim it doubles productivity)
  • Raised beds are easier to weed and maintain – saving your back and your knees

Next I’ll share the considerations and reasons around the planning of our own garden.


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